ROSA DONALDSON, Livestock Manager

Rosa Donaldson first stepped into a cow barn when she was six years old, and she’s smelled like it ever since. She has spent her life working on farms in Southern Vermont, developing a passion for growing grass and raising animals. Most recently she has worked for the Bunker Farm in Dummerston, VT and has a degree in Livestock Management from Sterling College.

Rosa’s Recs:

I recently discovered the righteous repute of 00 flour after my brother brought it to my house to make pasta. I know I’m late to the game but as I just learned, 00 is an Italian kind of flour made from finely milled durum wheat as opposed to the more commonly used red wheat. Because of the way the gluten behaves in duram wheat, recipes using this flour tend to be more rigid and textured, which is excellent for things like pizza and pasta doughs. But what I have found its crowning achievement to be is in making really good crepes. I think that crepes using 00 flour are super tender and smooth while still remaining firm and satisfying to bite into. I follow a basic crepe recipe but I sub in the 00 flour and also add about a half teaspoon of almond extract. Then I just eat them with maple syrup, or sometimes, if I’m really on one, I fill them with lemon curd and whipped cream. 
Note: One time my roommate in college, a noted francophile, took offense to the idea of eating crepes with just maple syrup, so instead I call them Swedish pancakes in order to avoid the duress of filling them with something.