NINA TUCKER, Assistant Program Manager

Nina was most recently the Program and Administrative Coordinator at the African Roots Center in Kingston, NY. Just prior, she completed a Master’s Degree in English from SUNY New Paltz, where she was also a TA Instructor, creating and teaching an original syllabus centered around exploring the rhetorical efficacy of historic social justice movements.
Nina’s engagement with community education began at Camp Stomping Ground, an organization built around the idea of “radical empathy”. Her time there focused on allyship and anti-racist education for folks of all ages to begin the work of confronting their personal prejudices and behaviors. During her years living in the Hudson Valley, Nina has also collaborated with small local businesses to host similar conversations, and create profitable opportunities for people of color, like the marketplace at Commissary! in New Paltz, where artists of color can sell their work to the cafe for shelving space at full retail price.