Sky High Farm is a nonprofit organization working to increase access to fresh, nutritious, locally produced food while investing in collaborative long-term solutions for food security. Committed to sustainable farming practices and direct donation of 100% of food produced on the farm, Sky High works as a bridge between regenerative farming and food access initiatives.

Since 2011, we have donated over 100,000 lbs of veggies and 65,000 lbs of animal protein to food pantries, food banks, and other food access organizations around New York State.

Read our 2022 Annual Report to see our most recent metrics and accomplishments. 

The Nitty Gritty

There’s no set definition for this term, but in brief: it’s an alternative form of growing food that can have lower (or even net positive) environmental and social impacts than conventional farming methods. 

We’re committed to regenerative farming practices to help steward the land, mitigate climate change, and produce nutrient dense food with minimal inputs. This includes carbon sequestering, cover cropping and green manures, soil conservation and remediation, watershed protection, and biodiversity enhancement.

We love our cows and sheep (our chickens and turkeys, too) and they love our green acres- all of them. We practice rotational grazing and regenerative pasture management as foundational components to our livestock program.
From the start we’ve addressed food security and nutrition by improving access to fresh, nutritious food for New Yorkers who are living in underserved communities. But it shouldn’t, can’t, and doesn’t stop or start with us. 

We work with local and regional partner organizations to attend to the immediate needs of our shared communities. Born out of longterm relationships and our belief that everyone deserves to eat nutritious food that suits their personal cultural and dietary needs, we grow food that speaks to the people who eat it. Thanks to our network of frontline organizations, our donations make it directly to them. 

The Bigger Picture

We realize that attending to the effects of food insecurity will not change the system that created them.

We strive to create pathways to living wage-based and dignified employment, and to support the healing and empowerment of the communities that have been historically disproportionately harmed by the industrial agricultural system.

We support leadership and provide access to land, farming experience, and other resources for BIPOC partners fighting for food sovereignty in their communities.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTBuilding longterm solutions for systemic inequities requires a full-spectrum approach.

Through our agricultural training programs and partnerships with local farms and frontline organizations, Sky High serves as a laboratory for community-driven food production, training, distribution, and equity-building.

We also reach beyond conventional philanthropy, collaborating with a diverse network of fashion brands, artists, and designers to generate resources that sustain our work locally and cultivate awareness around food justice and sustainability worldwide.