Ellie Youngblood, Associate Director, Vegetable Production and Regional Food Access Partnerships 

I grew up in nearby Kent, CT and fell in love with farming at the age of 16 after spending a summer working at a local vegetable operation (shoutout to Marble Valley Farm!). I made mistakes constantly, humbled each day by the challenge of learning how to support and listen to the beings (humans, plants, those tiny soil creatures) around me-- I was hooked. That learning and listening is what I love most about farming. For seven years, I managed Fairfield Farm at Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT where I had the opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) high school students to farming and the power of land-based connections. Time and time again, I have witnessed farms as places of community, nourishment, and abundance and I am looking forward to building relationships in my role at Sky High. I am honored to be in service to you, this community and the land.