Sky High Farm

Activities At-A-Glance:
To-date, more than 10 tons of fresh produce and meat have been donated to food banks and food pantries in New York State and New York City.

Our Work
This initiative is dedicated to promoting local agriculture and land preservation by supporting a holistic approach, which is environmentally conscientious, generates minimal waste and allows all produce and livestock to play their natural and critical role in optimizing output and sustainability.

Sky High Farm addresses food access and nutrition through the following activities: 1) growing and harvesting nutritious produce and meat exclusively for donation; and 2) distributing to the underserved in New York State through partnerships with local, regional and urban food banks and pantries.

"Sky High Farm donates fresh meat, eggs and produce weekly to Food Banks and our network of charities. The food they provide helps struggling New Yorkers feed their families."
-Food Bank for NYC